Policy Documents Overview

As a professional body, LTAV’s policies provide guidance consistent with the association’s aims and objectives to govern our own procedures and also to state our opinion on what is best practice in the performance of our profession.

These policies are, therefore, public documents, but it is also important to remember that they may be amended at the discretion of the committee. They are published on our website to provide clear and unambiguous guidelines.

In the past policies have been published in lablines and amended by motion at committee meeting. There has been no consistent record of policies in any central location. The initiative to list all our public policies on the website addresses this need.

Aims and Objectives of the LTAV

Roles of Committee Members

LTAV Regions Policy

Technical Staff in Schools Policy

The Suzannah Larat Award policy

Distinguished Service Award policy

LTAV List Server

Laboratory Environment policy

Peter Ellis Scholarship policy

First Year Membership policy

Conasta Scholarship policy